Clear Fusion® Orthodontic Appliances
Manufactured and Distributed Exclusively By:
Tortorici Orthodontic Lab. Inc.
11 Roosevelt Avenue
Port Jefferson Station, New York 11776        631-642-1900  

Clear Fusion® Orthodontic Appliances  are suitable for long-term retention following Conventional or  Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment.  Our appliances are designed to combine the comfort and esthetics of Invisible Retainers and the strength and effectiveness of Hawley Appliances.  Clear Fusion® offers many different Custom Designs ranging from a Phase-One Expander to Final Retention that are all wireless and nickel-free.  All appliances can be Designed with your choice of Color.  
                 Clear Fusion® has taken the Clear Invisible Retainer to the Next Level !
             The New Clear and Wireless Appliances... 
Patent Number   US 8,118,592  

     Lower Clear Fusion Appliance

             Clear Fusion Retainer

                 Phase I Retainer

    Clear Fusion Tie-Dye Retainer
    Clear Fusion Invisible Retainer

               Deprogramer, Retainer, RPE     
        Clear Fusion And Digital Models...
                              Are a Perfect Match!
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        USA and Canada...            
  Three Day in-lab  Service...

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